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Dr. Lisa WelchLisa Welch, MD , the host of The Good Doctor , has her own private practice in metro Atlanta. A native of Tuskegee, AL, she received her undergraduate degree from Auburn University and obtained a MD at Morehouse School of Medicine (1993) in Atlanta, GA . She completed her Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at Eastern VA Graduate School of Medicine (1993-1996) in Norfolk, VA. She’s married and has one daughter.

Dedicated, compassionate and engaged, Dr. Welch brings more than 17 years of experience to her medical practice. Growing up in a community where receiving basic medical assistance was a challenge, she was inspired, at a very young age, to be an advocated for those who are underserved and have minimal or no health coverage.

Her commitment to her patients extends beyond a routine check-up. She encourages her patients to understand the importance of their family medical history and how it directly relates to them. According to Dr. Welch, “There are a lot of health issues that we see today that can be prevented or easily managed, if the patient understands their medical history. Many health issues we see today are genetic or the result of family tradition or bad habits. Health issues apply to everybody, they are not color blind, and my goal is to inform, educate and encourage my patients to live a quality life.”

In a time where some doctors have become more self-serving, ignoring those that are underserved, Dr. Welch remembers her days as a youth and her desire to serve this community. She provides quality care to her diverse patient roster, and also offers practical solutions on how to manage their healthcare during these challenging economic times. And there’s more. Her practice also extends beyond her office doors, where she donates her time to local churches and community centers conducting key screenings, providing educational materials and speaking at seminars on how to live a healthy and productive life.


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