Dr. Lisa Welch Dr Lisa Welch is board certified Internal Medicine doctor, who has practiced for over 23 yrs in the Decatur area . Her practice focuses on preventative care and helping patients manage their disease processes. She believes that if patients have the clear understanding of what is going on with your health lifestyle changes can be made to last a life time. She is a graduate Morehouse School of Medicine her in Atlanta , Ga. The mission of the school is to provide health care to under served areas in the United States. Dr. Welch feels passionately about that mission and has continued to provide healthcare in the Decatur area for that reason.

She believes that people need to understand what disease process they have ,so that they can manage and sometime prevent based on family history. Engaging patient in their health care is important so that the necessary lifestyle changes can be made to help manage or prevent a disease process. Prevention is key to stopping disease processes.

She will work with you to get the desired results maintaining a health and long life. Dr Welch is invested in her patient lives and wants them to stay in positive zone of good health and regular exercise. Will work with you to get the until the problem is solved.

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If you are ill and get worse within 24 hours ER, or if persist longer than 48 hrs go to ER or call office to see if can be handled with a doctor visit. Call within 24 hours to avoid a no show fee, we realize things can happen

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